Spiritual Life at Samford


Hi, everyone! This is my first post for the freshman blog, and I’ll be telling you guys all about the aspect of Samford that sets it apart from so many other universities—the campus’ thriving spiritual life. Being a private Baptist university, Samford has the great privilege of providing its students numerous opportunities to grow in their Christian faith. Just one great example of these opportunities is Campus Worship, a special time set aside each Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. A worship band plays a set for the congregation, and every “convo” has a special guest that comes to speak to everyone there.  At night, groups like RUF, a student led worship service, Reign, a service specifically directed towards music, and Campus Outreach, a campus led worship service, give students even more ways to find a group of people to grow with. For me personally, all of these opportunities are perfect ways for me to take a break from all the craziness of college life, reflect and find my peace in God. Sometimes, I struggle with spending time with God with my busy schedule, and these events are a great time to do just that! There are even more opportunities to get involved with spiritual life that you can learn more about here:  https://www.samford.edu/spiritual-life

What truly makes Samford so unique is what takes place outside of those set-aside worship times. Even in the classroom, I’ve been able to experience what Samford has to offer for my faith. Some days in class, we’ll begin with a short prayer. How cool is that? This simple act shows me how much Samford cares about its Christian roots, and that’s something that you won’t be able to find at many other universities. Samford gives its students opportunities to grow spiritually, and it’s located in the perfect city for students who want to find a church home! Birmingham offers hundreds of different churches for college students. From mega churches that have different campuses across the city to smaller community churches, there’s a church for everyone here! If you come and visit Samford for Preview Day, say hi to me and the other bloggers. If you see any of us, we’d love to talk to you! However, even more importantly, I highly recommend staying until Sunday to visit one of the many wonderful churches in Birmingham. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. 

Lauren JohnsonComment