Family Weekend


Hey guys and gals! It’s your girl Michal and I am ecstatic to be able to show you my Samford story as you begin to form your own. I am from Prairieville, Louisiana, which is about 20 minutes from Baton Rouge and a whopping six- hour drive from Samford. So, as you can imagine family visits are few and far between. Therefore, I was looking forward to Family Weekend more than anything!

This past weekend, on October 1, was Family Weekend! This weekend is tailored to showing families the intricacies of Samford while giving your family a multitude of ways to get involved with the university. My mom, Aimee and great-aunt, Linda took the hike down to B-Ham. I was so happy to see them. It had been over a month because I moved in early for cheerleading early and I hadn’t seen them since. Sammy U did a great job of hosting events for parents and families such as a prayer walk, state themed parties, a tailgate and multiple classes and seminars. My mom attended the prayer walk and she absolutely loved it. She felt that being able to pray over a place where I am learning and growing in Christ with so many other parents at Samford who are going through the same thing, made her feel at peace. My mom and aunt attended the tailgate where they also had a blast. The variety of tents allowed them to not only experience good eats but great fellowship with the Samford community. My mom has already made many friends with other Samford parents and is beginning to plan her own tailgate with her new pals.

But I think what astounded me the most was that the Samford was just as welcoming to my mom as they were to me. They immediately gave them shirts upon arrival and were very friendly and personable with my family from the start. They treated my mom and aunt as if they were a part of the Samford family as well. Honestly, that’s the beauty of Samford. Every day I walk around campus and don’t meet a stranger. Every day I find more people who have similar interests. Every day I make connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. Family Weekend is a time where your two families get the chance to collide and become one. 

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