Greek Life at Samford


As I’m sitting in my sorority house’s chapter room among so many bright and smiling friends, I cannot even begin to explain how blessed I feel to be writing to you about an organization that has brought me exponential joy in the last month and a half.  Greek life at Samford is truly a unique experience, and it is one unlike any I’ve heard of or had myself. The Samford Greek experience kicks off shortly after Labor Day with rush. The thought might make some of your stomachs turn, just as mine did back in September. However, recruitment at Samford is just as unique as other parts of Greek life here. By that, I mean that rush didn’t feel like frantic rushing from house to house as the word “rush” implies. Instead, it is a time spent with girls that are caring, loving and pumped to get to know YOU. I genuinely enjoyed sitting down and getting to know girls in each sorority, and I had great conversations in each house. When I walked out of each house after rush I knew that I had just made friendships that would last much longer than just that week, regardless of what house I ran to on Bid Day. I felt and still feel welcomed by the friends I love dearly in each sorority. That is the Greek unity that makes the Samford Greek experience so unique. At Samford, you aren’t defined by your Greek affiliation (or even lack thereof, because we love our independents!) You’re loved for who you are, and I think that’s one of the most exciting things ever.

Recruitment ends with Bid Day, where each person receiving a bid is welcomed into their new family. It is hundreds of screaming girls sprinting full speed out of Reid Chapel to find their sorority on the quad, and it’s probably more exciting than Christmas morning. No joke. After I opened my bid card, I frantically pushed my way out of Reid and jumped into the arms of the first girl in my sorority that I saw, more excited than I have ever been. The rest of the day was consumed by taking pictures with my new family, eating pizza at a great restaurant and celebrating the beginning of a new journey.

Beyond Bid Day, there are bid bashes, socials, philanthropy fundraisers and opportunities for leadership in Greek organizations. After Bid Day, each sorority kicks off their social events with a Bid Bash, a themed dance party to celebrate the new pledge class. This was so fun, and it was a great way to begin my Greek social experience while also picking up some new dance moves. (Shout-out to Sally and Mattie for showing me how it’s done.) Other social events my sorority does include a winter formal, mixers with fraternities, Greek trick-or-treat, tailgates at football games, a low country boil, a spring semi-formal and so many more. Alongside social events, each Greek organization has a philanthropy, which is a cause or group that they support through service. My sorority’s philanthropy is Make-A-Wishâ, an organization that grants wishes to children with terminal illnesses. It has been absolutely amazing to serve this cause alongside girls who are truly passionate about it. We recently put on our first annual carnival to raise money for Make-A-Wishâ Alabama. It was a great time spent jamming to live music and eating carnival food to our heart’s content with people in the Birmingham and Samford communities. Philanthropy reminds us that Greek life isn’t just about social events. It’s about giving back to the communities that we love because they have made us who we are.

Greek life at Samford also allows those who participate in it the opportunity to hold a leadership position that will prepare them for leadership in other areas of life, such as church, clubs or the job field. College is largely about discovering your passions, and leadership in a Greek organization promises the discovery of new passions, as well as opportunities to act on preexisting ones. Whether you love people young or old, community service, event planning, advertising, design, handling money, management of facilities, or ensuring rules are followed, there is a leadership position for you. Each Greek organization has a group of executives, committee heads, and committee members, so the possibilities to get involved in leading something of your interest are absolutely endless. When you join a Greek organization at Samford, you become part of a family, find ways to better the communities around you, and engage in leadership. Most importantly, you get to participate in the work of a large, interconnected group of amazing individuals who love you, Samford and the world we live in.

Lauren JohnsonComment