Samford Homecoming Week


Hey guys and gals! Last week was Homecoming at Samford, and it was a blast! The past week was full of things to do where the campus could come together in celebration of not only our Homecoming, but also the school’s 175th anniversary. Talk about a two for one bonus!

In Ben Brown Plaza, there were a variety of delicious, must grab finger foods each day. There were meatballs, chicken wings, chips, corndogs, and even root beer floats! They were scrumptious. Also, there were Homecoming boards being painted by various organizations. These large plywood boards all were assigned to an organization and were painted to portray Samford homecoming and the 175th anniversary. They were very creative and Samford Crew, our rowing team, won first place!

The events continued into the nights with the Bulldog Bash and the 175th Anniversary Gala. At the Bulldog Bash different Samford sports teams come out to Ben Brown and thanked the students for their support. There is food, music and performances by the Samford cheerleaders and dancers and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The 175th Anniversary Gala was held on Friday night in the Pete Hanna Center. The gym was completely transformed into an elegant black tie affair with food stations rotating by the hour and live music from an amazing band. It was so refreshing seeing everyone dressed in their best and ready to dance the night way celebrating Samford and Homecoming.

The week wrapped up with the packed homecoming game against the Mercer Bears. The game was a little chilly, but the goose bumps were well worth the nail biting win the Bulldogs clinched over the Bears. It was amazing to hear the fans roar in triumph of a score, rally behind our defense and support the boys until the last second of the clock.

Homecoming week truly opened my eyes to the caring and committed community at Samford. So many families and alumni came back, not only to join in the festivities, but also to help by contributing to further the future success of Samford. This week was by far one of the best I’ve had at Samford so far. The experience not only reassured me that Samford was the right choice for me, but it also added on to my joyous Samford story.

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