Samford Musts


Hey everyone!! This week we wanted to give you an inside scoop on some of our favorite Samford traditions! These are just fun activities to do with your friends throughout your four years here at Samford.  

  1. Climb Reid Chapel.

Reid Chapel is one of the beautiful chapels on outskirts of the quad. It is a Samford tradition to climb the tower with friends and sign your name at the top with a sharpie. The view is phenomenal and overlooks all of central campus.

      2. Hang out in Ben Brown.

Ben Brown is the plaza between the caf and the library. This place is poppin’ between classes and is a great place to catch up with friends or meet new people while enjoying the awesome Birmingham weather.

     3. Fountain Jumps

We didn’t include this in our video because it would have been a little chilly, but this is definitely something that is popular for Samford students to do. You can just jump right in!!! Swim a few laps or just splash around with your friends. This is a Samford must!! I went with about 30 freshman during Connections weekend-- our first weekend on campus-- a memory I will treasure forever! There are two fountains, one in Ben Brown and the other outside of our Cumberland School of Law.

    4. Take pictures with Mr. Beeson.

Ralph W. Beeson and his family are forever friends of Samford University. Their gifts, totaling more than $110 million, supported a variety of building and academic projects. A life-size bronze statue of Mr. Beeson sits at the foot of Centennial Walk welcomes visitors to campus. Students love to have a seat with him and snap a picture too!

    5. Explore the Wright Center tunnels.

This is only if you are brave enough!!! These tunnels are top secret and very spooky to say the least! They are located under the massive auditorium and are extremely hard to find.

    6. Rent Bikes from the HUB.

Who wouldn’t want to stroll around campus via bicycle on a gorgeous day?! Samford provides students with the opportunity to rent bikes for the day! All you have to do is visit our University’s Hub and ask to rent a bike for a couple of hours or even for the day.

    7. Step Sing

Step Sing began more than 50 years ago and has developed into one of the most popular Samford traditions. Each year, over 1,000 students participate in this amazing show!! Different groups on campus develop a show that is written, choreographed, rehearsed and performed by students. In addition to entertaining thousands of audience members, the proceeds are donated to charity.

    8. Get a picture with Dr. Westmoreland.

What a special tradition. Dr. Andrew Westmoreland is a living testimony of the character of Samford University. He is always encouraging students and willing to stop and chat at any point in the day.  We love to ask him for a quick picture and he is eager for the opportunity to meet and interact with students.

    9. Learn how to swing dance.

This one took me by surprise!! I am the most uncoordinated dancer on the planet and before coming to Samford, I had no idea what swing dancing was. However, I quickly learned after my first greek event that swing dancing is THE move at Samford. Lucky for us ladies, the boys are the ones who lead so our job is fairly easy!!

    10. Rub the nose in the library.

This is a simple and sweet tradition carried out by the majority of library goers. A bronze sculpture of Major Harwell Goodwin Davis, the 15th president of Samford, can be found as soon as you walk in the library doors. Those who rub Major Davis’s nose will have good luck with their studies!

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