Step Sing 2017


From the moment I stepped onto campus in August, whispers of Step Sing had already begun.  Even though practices did not start until the second semester, everyone was already curious and excited to hear when group sign ups would be. I had only watched Step Sing on the live stream, so I couldn’t understand the excitement it brought to campus. However, when I went to my first Step Sing practice at the beginning of the spring semester, I was quickly able to understand what made Step Sing so special. If you are not familiar with Step Sing, it is one of Samford’s oldest and most beloved traditions. It takes place in mid February, and students of all ages work tirelessly for three weeks to put on a spectacular production of singing and dancing. After one week of practicing, you begin tech rehearsals and get to practice on the big stage. Although it seems impossible, excitement levels rise even higher. The best part about the “Step Sing Season” is not competing or being on stage in front of hundreds of people. The best part of Step Sing is the deep and genuine relationships that you develop with the other members in your group. The friends I have made allowed for countless connections to be made across campus. I now understand why Step Sing is such a big deal to so many students. It is not just about the dancing and singing, it is about the genuine friendships that are developed through these exhilarating first weeks of the spring semester. We all hope you will come to experience the magic for yourself in the future! Happy Step Sing! 

Lauren JohnsonComment