Convocations, Homegroups and Cadres


In Germany, church does not play an immense role in the life of most young people, especially college students. After living there almost my entire life, the majority of many students’ lives dedicated to Christ and church fascinates and impresses me over and over again. Convocations, Cadres, and Home Groups are all possibilities for Samford students to implement church into their everyday lives and to find some time to escape the regular school stress. None of these opportunities are required; however, the university offers them to give us a different perspective of life outside of the classroom. As Samford students, we are encouraged to participate in activities and programs so we get credits of which we need sixty to graduate.

Convo is a time of worship held twice a week in the morning, and there aren’t any classes during that time. We usually have speakers with a connection to Samford coming to speak at Convo. They tell us about their connection and experience with God and also about their time at Samford. They are all very powerful and constructive, regardless of whether you can identify with the speaker or not, since they provide a great opportunity to simply not worry about school for an hour and instead think about other topics to refresh yourself.

Home Groups and Cadres are small groups led by faculty and staff to give us students the possibility to think and talk about God. We also discuss different aspects of religion and life, have in depth discussions, and support each other throughout college. They usually meet about once a week, and you can choose to join a group; however, it is not mandatory.

Samford’s spiritual life can be a big part of the life on campus if you choose to participate. There are plenty of different ministries off campus too, so if you are looking to get involved more outside of Samford, there are great opportunities to do that too. Everybody is super relaxed about the different options. Just go ahead and try one out and if it doesn’t suit you, try another one. Because of its relatively small size, Samford can offer students different ways to grow that other schools can’t. One of the most impactful ways to grow is in your faith, and this creates a great atmosphere on campus.

Lauren JohnsonComment