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Fresh starts, new beginnings and endless opportunities. These are some of the things freshmen at Samford University are able to experience. My name is Madyson Chambers, and I am a freshman from Leesburg, Georgia, a small town located in Southwest Georgia.

As the summer quickly flew by and the list of things for my dorm was getting shorter and shorter, it somehow was time to move away from home, and to my new home in Birmingham. Moving to a completely different city, and having to make new friends comes with feelings of anxiety, stress, excitement, a sense of freedom, fearlessness, bravery, etc. Those are just some of the things I was feeling.

Move-in Day came upon us quickly. The day we had been preparing for and anticipating was finally here. I was so scared that Move-in Day was going to be very stressful because of all the things we had to move in and carry…but I quickly learned that it was the opposite at Samford. Move-in Day was SO easy thanks to the help of students, parents and even some of the football team. As the hours flew by, and the room began to come together…the time came that my parents had been dreading for 18 years and I had been anxiously excited about. We kicked off the weekend with a family session in the Wright Center, where Dr. Westmoreland (the president of Samford University) gave the Class of 2022 words of wisdom while reassuring our parents that this is where we were supposed to be, and that we would be well taken care of. After the goodbyes, and maybe even a tear or two, it finally became real. No more parents, no one there to do your laundry, or cook your food… it was all on you. You are finally in college.

As a freshman, you start off your time as Samford University at Connections Weekend.  My Connections Leaders were awesome. Every group splits up and goes to dinner somewhere cool around Birmingham and then all the groups meet back at campus for a huge dance party on the Quad. The next day, there are various sessions you can attend on numerous topics. Topics such as Greek or Independent, Local Church Connection, Birmingham Bucket List, Samford Musts and many more. The night ends with a huge neon party, which was the best part of the weekend. All the girls get ready together and you get paint and glitter put on. The boys have a very nice surprise for the girls, and then it’s off to dance the night away. Sunday morning is followed by Centennial Walk, a Samford tradition and a worship service. The weekend ends with a huge back to school concert called Your School, Your City. There is really good food and a special guest performer, Mat Kearney. Connections weekend is so fun because you meet new people, make great friends, and dance a lot. The weekend goes by so fast, and by the end you are completely exhausted, but still thriving on energy and the fact that you are actually in college. It is overall a great way to kick off the school year, and as a freshman… your college career!

On behalf of the entire Freshman Bloggers team, we thank you for stopping by our blog, and reading a little bit about our transition and freshman experiences. We hope that you keep up with our blog and enjoy a glimpse into what being a Freshman at Samford University looks like. Happy School Year!

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