Residence Life


Hey everybody! These past few months have been a whirlwind of change from mom’s homemade meals to having dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the caf. With that being said, these past few months have also been the best months of my life! A huge part of why I have enjoyed my experience at Samford thus far is because of residence life. Residence Life provides the opportunity to make lifelong friendships, memories and uncontrollable laugh attacks. Residence Life supplies a number of experiences for students to partake in with all of their hallmates, especially freshmen. As I entered college, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to build meaningful relationships initially, but through my experience with Residence Life my worries were diminished within the first days of being at Samford. Residence Life broke down the barriers of nervousness that most college students, including myself, have starting freshman year.

My favorite aspect of Residence Life is all the variety of activities provided. Intramural sports are a huge part of Residence Life. I’ve enjoyed watching my hallmates play intramural volleyball, and as I write this, they’re currently undefeated. All the halls get to play each other in various intramural sports like flag football, basketball and volleyball, which creates a healthy competitive atmosphere amongst one another. Intramural sports aren’t the only activities Residence Life provides. Students have the ability to be involved in a plethora of other fun activities such as watching movies with different halls, free bowling and many more exciting opportunities. Residence Life has allowed myself and all my hallmates to get closer to one another and make strong bonds together.

Residence Life also provides activities that students can get involved in off campus. For example, Residence Life organizes an activity for all freshman students to go to a roller skating rink. All the halls coordinated themes and dressed up in different costumes. This event was so fun because even though we’ve been in college for a few months, we still hadn’t gotten the opportunity to meet everyone. With some of us being in goofy costumes, the event was an icebreaker for everyone to meet people they hadn’t had the opportunity to meet yet! This aspect of Residence Life is something I really enjoy because as we’ve moved from our comfort zone (our hometowns and high school friends) it can be hard to be outgoing and start a conversation, but Residence Life pushes us out of what’s comfortable with carefree activities.

All in all, Residence Life activities are not a requirement for students to be a part of, but from personal experience I have to say the bonds, friendships and memories made through the process is definitely worth taking an hour of your very busy college schedule every now and then to make connections with your hallmates!

Lauren JohnsonComment