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Hey friends! I cannot believe this semester is coming to a close. These three months have flown by and they have been the best three months of my life. Samford has gone above and beyond in everything and I could not have asked for a better university.

Outside of academics, Samford provides students with endless activities and opportunities, such as clubs, intramurals and campus worship. Of all the opportunities, Greek Life stands out for me as one of the most unique choices. Greek Life gives students the opportunity to join a fraternity or sorority, growing every day closer to each other and to Christ. For me, Greek Life has been my favorite thing about Samford.

Samford is home to 15 active fraternities and sororities, 3 governing councils, and 2 honorary societies. The governing councils include the Interfraternity Council (IFC), College Panhellenic (NPC) and National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC). Every academic year, the Greek Life process begins with recruitment, a week that gives students the opportunity to join a Greek organization. During this week, all fraternities and sororities plan recruitment events, inviting freshman to learn more about who they are as an organization. Furthermore, rush allows all freshman participating to gain new friends. In my experience, I met so many great guys who I now call some of my best friends. While rush is mostly about the organizations themselves, this week is a great time for freshman to meet new people and gain relationships that will last longer than just their four years spent at Samford. After four days of learning about each organization, we arrive at bid day: the day in which students will have the chance to receive a bid to join a specific fraternity or sorority, ending the rush process. This week was very special to me because I was able to find my fraternity and best friends.

While many believe Greek Life solely acts as a way of gaining lifelong friends, here at Samford it is so much more. Greek Life prides themselves on service through philanthropies and activities that allow students to work towards something greater than themselves. Moreover, Greek Life allows students to grow in life and leadership skills. Each organization has office elections, allowing members to run for certain positions such as secretary, treasurer, and many others. Lastly, Greek Life cares about character development through relationship building with the people in the organization and with God. It offers so much and allows students to really grow as people.

My time in Greek Life has given me some of my favorite memories from Samford. From rush to the time I have spent with my brothers, I have gained and learned so much. I hope that if you choose Samford, you too will have the same experience.

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