Jan Term


This winter, I came back to Samford and took a class during Jan Term! This means that I came back before spring semester started to take a class in a more condensed period of time. I took Chemistry and, although it was a lot of work, I had a great time being in Birmingham and was thankful that I was able to knock out another class for my already strenuous nursing course load!

Although Samford was definitely less busy during Jan Term, considering it’s not required to come back and take a class, I enjoyed the change of pace from my usual crazy, busy, 18 credit hour schedule. Another benefit of not having a normal routine was that I was able to visit my friends that live nearby which I would not have been able to do otherwise if I was twelve hours away in Austin. I took a trip to see some of my friends in Cullman, Atlanta, and Chattanooga, in addition to hanging out with my friends that are native to Birmingham! During the fall, my friends and I planned to meet up for New Years to ensure that we would see each other at some point during the break. Since I signed up for Jan Term, this meant I was going to say goodbye to my family and to my home earlier than most. This was definitely hard for me and saying goodbye at the airport wasn't easy, but I was thankful to know that I was going somewhere where I would be loved just as well. After officially settling into Birmingham following my trip to Atlanta, I started Jan Term and continuously worked on Chemistry everyday while catching up with my friends in Birmingham at our favorite coffee shops, thrift stores or just their houses in the area.

In addition to taking Chemistry and spending time with friends nearby, I was also able to be with my sister, Elle, who is a senior at Samford. Although I was grateful enough to see my friends from time to time over the course of the month, most nights I spent by myself or with my sister at her apartment painting, talking or cooking dinner together. Jan Term was a time where I was able to focus on myself more and rest for the upcoming, busy Spring schedule. I got to spend almost every night with my sister which is precious time that I am so thankful for. Saying goodbye to my family in Austin earlier than most students was definitely hard, don’t get me wrong, but knowing that I was coming to my Samford family here in Birmingham made it a whole lot easier. Overall, having the ease of a Jan Term schedule (absent from Chemistry and the hard work that that it did require) was a great change of pace that I loved and would encourage everyone to do at some point during their time at Samford.

Lauren JohnsonComment