Step Sing

Among the Samford community, Step Sing stands as one of the longest running traditions and events the university has to offer. Beginning in 1951, Step Sing started as a weekly sing-along on the steps of the Howard College East Lake Campus and quickly grew in popularity. Eventually, in 1976, Samford moved the show’s location to the Wright Center where Step Sing is still performed today.


Before I attended Samford University, I was able to attend three previous Step Sing shows and I could not wait to be a part of it. As a participant, Step Sing has become one of my favorite things about Samford. Being a part of my fraternity’s show, I experienced the tradition that Samford has to offer but also the tradition that ran inside my fraternity. From the practices to the live performances, everything was so memorable. While the practices were fun and enjoyable, nothing beats performing on a Saturday night. The anticipation of waiting to perform and making a fool out of myself made the Step Sing experience one that I will never forget. I highly encourage you to do your best to join a show next year. It is truly Samford’s greatest tradition.


Being a part of Step Sing as a freshman has become one of my favorite memories at Samford. As a member of a freshman show, Freshman Ladies, I had the privilege of being introduced to girls in other sororities and independents, that I would have otherwise never met. Over the few weeks of Step Sing, getting to know and love these girls has been a blessing I didn't necessarily expect from this experience. Everyday, we got to catch up, sing, dance and party. It was exhaustingly fun! I will certainly miss the smiles and energy that Step Sing gave to campus and to the specific people I was able to meet and encounter because of this event. In addition to meeting and loving so many new people, we also, collectively, had the opportunity to give back to the philanthropy, the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama. Having the chance to provide for those who are hungry in our own state was such an honor and it was truly incredible to see how we were able to donate as a group and as a Step Sing community overall!


I’ve had the privilege of experiencing Step Sing for the past 4 years, but to be in it this year was a completely new experience. I never would have thought that I would be on the stage performing. Step Sing is a very big event for Samford’s campus and the lives of students and families. Hotels start booking in the summer for the weekend of the show! It is exhausting but so much fun. If you have the opportunity to be in a Step Sing show, then do it! You will meet new people and have so many memories and funny stories! I had the privilege to be in my sorority’s show and this allowed me to meet many upperclassmen and more people in my pledge class. Step Sing is such a neat Samford tradition and one that everyone will continue to look forward too!

Lauren JohnsonComment