Dance Company


This past weekend, I had my recital for Samford Dance Company. It was my first year, being a freshman, and it has been one of the best things I was involved with during my first year of college. Being a ballet and modern-based company, I auditioned and was fortunate enough to join this group during the first few weeks of school in the fall. We have rehearsal three times every week and have been preparing since then for our performance. This year it was especially unique because it was in the round. This means that the performance has 360 degrees of audience and the stage even rotated! Although I still sometimes get dizzy thinking about it, the performance was so unique. Getting to do it alongside some of my favorite people made it that much more special.

I am so appreciative of the girls I get to dance with day in and day out. We have bonded so much, even the last few days during the performances, and I can't wait to do another season with them. Getting ready together, hair spraying our leotards together, smiling at each other under the unique blue tint of the light backstage…these are the little moments that make me smile. Getting to bond with girls I would have never otherwise met makes me thankful for Samford Dance Company and for the experiences and connections it has brought me even in less than a year.

To think that I barely had the courage to audition for this Company and would have missed out on the unique impact it has had on my life makes me feel humbled and genuinely moved. I am so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to join this Company and have been able to grow as a technical and artistic dancer this year. The mentorship I have received from the older girls and the fellowship I have encountered with the other freshmen is like no other.

Samford Dance Company has been such a refreshing part of my freshman year: to be able to gather with a group of girls that all have the same burning passion for dance as me has been a gift I didn't anticipate when I came to Samford. I knew I wanted to continue to dance but I did not expect to encounter such an authentic community alongside it. Company has been one of the surprising blessings this year at college has brought me that I now can't imagine my life without. Getting to showcase my friends’ talents and my own talents on a stage for 150 people over the course of three days has made this past weekend one of the highlights of my freshman year.

Lauren JohnsonComment