Registration for Orientation is officially open! Orientation at Samford is an exciting time for incoming students to see what life for the next four years will look like. The Freshman Bloggers took some time to reflect on their Orientation experiences and give advice to incoming students.

STU MARSHBURN - For me, Orientation was a time of realization and excitement. Through worship and all-around fun, it practically started my Samford story. My advice for incoming students would be this: Know that you are not alone. This is a huge adjustment for everyone, but everyone is going through it. Know that while this can be a nerve-racking process, it creates lasting memories you will remember forever.

MADYSON CHAMBERS - Orientation is something that everyone is nervous about, but some people might not admit it. It is really cool to look back and see who was at orientation while you were there. If I had to give advice to an incoming freshman about orientation, it would be to be yourself. Don’t try to be like others around you. Nobody knows you, so this is your time to change your style or act a certain way. You have an opportunity to rebrand yourself, so use this opportunity to the fullest and get the most out of it by being yourself.

GRACIE WALKER - Going to the last orientation session before school started was a unique experience for me because I got to move into my dorm room early and meet some of the girls on my hall. Because there were less people on my hall during orientation, I got to uniquely know them before the rest of our hall moved in. Getting to stay up late talking with those girls my first night as a resident at Samford is a memory that always sticks out to me when I think of Orientation; we made some popcorn and just started to tell our stories. Having this sweet memory reminds me often of what a gift it is to attend Samford and be surrounded by people that want to know you and love you. As far as advice, everyone is in the same situation when they enter college. No one has it figured out. Having an open mind and being flexible throughout the beginning of the school year helped me stay positive and love my orientation experience at Samford.

AUSTIN TIDWELL - Orientation was a life-changing experience for me. It introduced me to my future here at Samford. At first, I was very anxious, but towards the end, it was one of the best memories of college. Make sure that you keep an open mind throughout the Orientation process! There are things that I am involved with on campus that I never thought I would be, and it's amazing!

JACOB HOPKINS - Orientation is the first step into your next phase of life because individuals are introduced to Samford for the first time. From personal experience, orientation was a nerve-wracking experience, but it was one of the best nerve-wracking experiences because I was able to go outside of my comfort zone. I enjoyed going out of my comfort zone and building relationships with my classmates that I will be with for this next journey of life. If I could give any advice to incoming students, it would be this: It’s ok to be nervous, but allow yourself to make the best of the experience.

MAX LATTERMANN - Orientation was my first time to actually experience life on Samford’s campus. I was not too nervous, since I just lived through a much bigger transition a year ago, moving over from Europe. Therefore, I looked at orientation in a very calm way, which is the most helpful thing you can do. We are all in the same boat, everyone is new, there are no existing friend groups and nobody knows you yet. So just be yourself, have an open mind and be willing to just go ahead and talk to people. Of course, it is natural to be nervous but there is really no need to be. My most memorable experience from orientation was karaoke because it loosened up the tension between all of us and gave us something to talk and laugh about together.

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