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When I first came to the United States, I was surprised to see how important sports are in colleges. Universities in Europe have sports teams, but they are much more recreational and less of a springboard into the professional sports world. They are not taken as seriously as college sports here. American Football, arguably the biggest college sport (at least in the South) also does not play any important role in Europe.

Samford University has impressive sports teams that provide great opportunities for athletes to get invested in their sport. The games do not only benefit the athletes but also the students. Every student can watch those games with their friends directly on campus. Just like worldwide championships, these events offer a point of connection for everyone involved. This adds nicely to the positive and encouraging culture on campus. The games are a meeting point for people to support their friends, show school spirit and be strengthened in their common identity as Samford students. Since everybody sits in the student section, there is a clear allegiance that supports the general competitive idea of sports.

Intramural competitions are another way for students to get together and build relationships. They are a way for everyone to participate in a team sport and also stay healthy and fit. There are weekly practices as well as games, including prizes for the winning team.

The sports on campus show pretty clearly that, while academics and God are at the center of the Samford experience, team building and fun in the form of sports are also an important factor in the life of a Samford student.

Lauren JohnsonComment