About the Bloggers


Madyson Chambers

Email: mchambe4@samford.edu

Instagram: madgrace13

Hometown: Leesburg, GA

Major: Journalism & Mass Communications

Why I Chose Samford: "I chose Samford to be my school because it felt like home. I had been struggling with the decision on where to further my education, and whenever the subject of college came up, I would always shut Samford down. After visiting Samford for a Preview Day, I knew that this was where I was supposed to be, and that decision was confirmed with the Lord opening so many doors to get me here. I love Samford and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!"


Jacob Hopkins

Email: jhopkin3@samford.edu

Instagram: jacob_hopkins

Hometown: Tupelo, MS

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Why I Chose Samford: “The day I visited Samford I knew I would call this place my home for the next few years!  I chose Samford because of the caring and hardworking people here that always want to make sure you’re having a good day. Samford is a place I see myself growing for the better, whether that’s spiritually, academically or socially. This university has shown me the many opportunities of how I could be successful and how to achieve my goals.”


Max Lattermann

Email: mlatterm@samford.edu

Instagram: max_laterman

Hometown: Heidelberg, Germany

Majors: Computer Science and History

Why I Chose Samford: “I moved to Birmingham right before I started my senior year in High School. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of any university in Birmingham before I came, so I toured the local colleges. when I got to Samford, I immediately felt like I was home. in the short time since school started for me in August, I Have seen that Samford is not only a home but also a family. I have found so many amazing friends who I truly can rely on. The small classroom sizes leave space for great in-depth discussions, and you can be sure that the teachers not only know you but also care about you.”


Stu Marshburn

Email: smarshbu@samford.edu

Instagram: beefstu14

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC 

Major: Undeclared

Why I Chose Samford: "I chose Samford for several reasons. I have multiple family ties with the university, so from the beginning of high school, it was a must-visit. After two visits, I knew this was the school for me. The Christ-centered vibe, community, and beauty makes Samford the school it is today. Even before I officially arrived on campus, I was greeted and befriended by so many amazing people. For God to put these people in my life even before I made my decision was a huge reason I chose Samford. Altogether, it all was a part of God's plan for me to attend Samford University."


Austin Tidwell

Email: wtidwell@samford.edu

Instagram: austintidwell36

Hometown: Jasper, AL

Major: Biochemistry

Why I Chose Samford: “Samford has an atmosphere like no other. I have been to several college campuses and none have made me feel so at ease and welcomed like I do here. Everyone is so approachable and friendly. Students, administrators, professors and staff are all here to help you succeed in any way possible. I feel like a student here, not just a number or statistic. Samford offers a wide variety to cater to any passion you have!”


Gracie Walker

Email: jwalke10@samford.edu

Instagram: graciewalk_

Hometown: Austin, TX

Major: Nursing

Why I Chose Samford: “I chose Samford because the minute I stepped onto campus I knew that I was a part of an intentional community that would pursue me and motivate me to chase after my goals until they were fully achieved. In the past, whenever I was at Samford I was a sister because my sister goes here. Both then and now as a student, I feel nothing but an overwhelming sense of welcoming to grow in my faith inside and outside of my classes. that is why I am so pumped to take part in this blog journey alongside some of my incredible peers!”