Thankful for Samford


This semester at Samford was full of memorable moments, busy schedules and somewhat stressful times. This semester has been the busiest time of my life and not having a car was very hectic at times, but the thankfulness I have for my friends is overwhelming. They drove me everywhere I needed to go! Even during one of the busiest days of the semester when everyone was occupied, one of my dear friends let me borrow her car when I needed to meet someone across town.

I am so grateful to be surrounded by people here who are selfless and care about others over themselves. These people are not just my friends. I see it all throughout campus with people I don't know. It is so refreshing to go to the library during exam week and see sticky notes with encouraging notes and Bible verses all over the place. People took the time to handwrite and spread them across all four floors of the library.

This holiday I am thankful for Samford and the faculty and students it has connected me with. Walking through a college campus and being able to have conversations about your faith with people who cherish similar things is priceless. I am so appreciative of where I go to school and the relationships that I have made at Samford.