Step Sing


It's that time of year. The stretch of three weeks where Step Sing is the only thing that seems to be of any importance (aside from schoolwork, of course). Everyone walks around class singing their newly learned songs under their breath while subtly and discretely practicing their newfound dance moves. Rehearsal is happening nearly every night, forcing almost a quarter of the campus out of their dorms and onto the grid.

I'm sure you're curious what the grid is. Well, during Step Sing, the grid is your best friend. You will spend nearly forty hours on it throughout rehearsals, slowly but surely working toward that perfect routine that your directors envisioned months prior to rehearsal.

Throughout those forty hours, there will be a rollercoaster of emotions. You will start off overwhelmed, begin to get comfortable, and then get overwhelmed all over again after stepping onto the Wright Center stage. You will find yourself alternating between excitement and occasional frustration, but as the show begins to come together, true excitement takes over.

By the time the first dress rehearsal comes around, everyone's a bit nervous. You've been practicing for two weeks at this point. There's still a lot to improve, but the show is looking like it can compete, maybe even win. Performing in front of your peers will drive you and your team to make the show even better, never settling for mediocrity but striving to make the show the best it can be. And of course, striving to make it the most fun it can be.

Team bonding is half the fun of Step Sing. You get to spend quality time with people you might never get to truly meet elsewhere. Relationships are built during those three weeks that will carry you through the rest of your college career. You get the opportunity to return each year with many former members of your team and create a brand new show together. In fact, for me, spending time with my team was the most fun part.

Eventually, the week of performances roll around. By this point, Step Sing is pretty much all anyone is talking about. Dress rehearsals come and go, and on Thursday night, the real performances begin. The judging doesn't begin until Friday night, but that fact won't soothe your nerves when you step onto the stage in front of a sold out Wright Center.

Finally, it's time to perform. Your team takes the stage and the curtains lift to show an absolutely full auditorium of people, all focused on you. The lights come on, you perform your routine and it is an absolute blast. You get to show everyone there what your team has been tirelessly working on for the past three weeks and it couldn't be more fulfilling.

The feeling of performing in front of all of your friends alongside your team is not a feeling I can accurately describe to you. I know it will exceed your expectations. It sure exceeded mine. It's a one-of-a-kind experience. All I can say is that I hope you get to experience it one day, and, for what it's worth, I hope your team wins the sweepstakes.