Being the family that it is, Samford is always trying to provide new ways for students to grow, learn and prosper. One of the many ways Samford brings students together is through small groups called “Cadres”. Cadres are essentially mini classes that last 8 weeks, provide convo credit, and address non-academic topics such as faith, health, emotional wellbeing, and community service. Although there were many choices, I chose to attend Samford’s relationship cadre. This cadre focused on exploring each person’s behavior, the events that led up to that behavior, and how that behavior affects current relationships. The relationship cadre covers all relationships including familial, romantic, and platonic. This cadre has helped me personally through allowing me to discover my personality type, how I behave, what makes me thrive and what factors can hinder my success. Cadres are great not only for self discovery but also for building friendships and strengthening faith. Cadres are a wonderful and important part of Samford's wide range of offerings and aid in serving Samford's mission to, “nurture persons in their development of intellect, creativity, faith, and personhood.”