Samford Crew


There are plenty of ways to get involved at college and find something that keeps you active and in shape. I felt intermural sports were great but not something I could do since I had never played sports in high school. I grew up a gymnast, and after that I was an all-star competitive cheerleader. I was used to having a six-pack, my coaches were hard on me, and on my team surrounding me. I loved it, and I never found anything else like it. And I am not one to jump out of bed and go workout on my own in every day. I need people, motivation, and a reason to work hard and stay dedicated. I came to Samford looking for that and found the Crew Team.

I had absolutely no experience. I had never rowed before and I knew nothing about it. However, joining Samford’s Crew team is one of the best decisions I have made at college. Some people get intimidated when they hear about our five a.m. trips to the lake once or twice a week, but I fell in love with rowing the first time I got on the water. The early mornings are not just worth it, but sitting in a boat on the water, watching the sunrise with my crew family make it even better. Another bonus, I get to build my own workout schedule for the most part. Crew meets twice every week for team practices and all other workouts are on our own time whenever we want. It is almost a perfect schedule for a college student, but I have the most fun working out with my teammates.

The Samford Crew team is not just a bunch of people who row together, but it is such a great community. I have only been on the team for one full semester. I know I have a family that I can embarrass myself playing soccer with, wake up early on the coldest mornings and workout the hottest days with, and eat dinner with. This is not something I will want to give up when I graduate, but I know that I will continue to row beyond college because I have found such a love for being on the water and sharing the experience with some of the greatest people I know.


(Photo taken by Lilli Mimbs)