Home Groups


            I am a natural homebody. There is no other place like home for me. Nothing beats hanging out with my parents and spending time with the friends I grew up with. Leaving home was not too hard, however, as much as I love home I felt more than equipped to move out and into my first year of college. It was a blast! Still is. But I reached a point somewhere in my first semester where I really missed home and the comfort it brought me.

            When I transferred to Samford I made of list of things I wanted to get involved in and joining a home group was at the top.  That was over one year ago and my Wednesday night home group is still always my favorite part of the week. Home groups meet at a Samford faculty or staff member’s house and you get to have dinner with some pretty awesome people, then study the Word of God with them.

            To many, this may sound like just another Bible Study but it means so much more, especially over time. The people in a group are there for all four years or until graduation. In just one year, I have formed some deep-rooted friendships with these people and my host family. I can always count on Wednesday nights being my time of the week to go home, eat, share, and learn, because to me, home group has actually become my home away from home and my safe place.