4 Ways to Get Around Samford's Beautiful Campus


Samford has such a beautiful campus! As spring slowly finds its way on our campus, one can see the flowers as they start to bloom, hear the chirping of birds, and see everything and everyone slowly come back to life. However, that’s no reason for anyone to start missing class! As our campus slowly approaches this beautiful time of year hand in hand with midterms, I would like to share with you the ways in which you can zip across campus! I was able to give these little bits of wisdom to the students at my old high school, so I hope you appreciate what I have to say.


Of course, I’m a little biased, as I have my own way of getting across campus by riding my scooter. I prefer this to anything else, as it is very convenient to be able to fold up your two-wheeled vehicle before class, and to bring it wherever you go. Also, it makes it so much easier to just get around and traverse the campus, as it is small, making it easier to turn corners and go down hills. You could buy a good one for $30 at either Target, or the business that every college student depends on, Amazon. Just be careful: You could fall off multiple times like I did. You’ll have a few cool scars, but still…


There is also the option of renting a bike on campus. From what I have heard, biking across campus is faster, and a little less dangerous than riding a scooter! But, of course, you have to find a place to park a bike on campus. It isn’t too hard to find, but if you’re like me, then it might take some time. But, it’s much more convenient in that you can easily rent one from the HUB, located in our University Center. It’s also a good option, especially if you want to travel on one of the trails located just across the street.


This is the most typical way to get across campus. The majority of students will walk from class to class. This way you get to run into friends and have the chance to personally enjoy Samford’s campus without having to be in too big of a hurry. Just be sure to plan out a good amount of time to get from class to class!


Lastly, there is the option of using the campus shuttle to get from place to place on our campus. It’s not a bad way to get around! They have their own Twitter account that you can follow to know when they are on their way and what spot they have arrived at. They also have a schedule that will tell you the times and places they will be at throughout the day.  

I hope you enjoyed reading about some practical ways to get around campus! Peace out, and happy travels!