Encouragement to the Tired Student


Sometimes starting a task is much easier than finishing one. When you start something, you have great intentions for the task at hand and plan to finish it with flying colors. However, over time the task begins to be put second on the list of things to do and continually keeps falling behind. Before you know it, it is completely forgotten about and you have moved onto something else. 

At college, an entire semester can seem forever long. So many things can change over a span of 3 months. I know for myself, I start off with the best of intentions. I promise myself (and my parents) my grades will be even better than last semester, I will be more intentional with the friendships that I have, I will try new things, etc. I always start off very strong. I stay on top of my homework and study for tests a week or two in advance. I sign up for ample amounts of groups with the best of intentions to be involved with all of them. As the semester goes on, I begin to prioritize what is most important and end up leaving behind the "less important things". Getting up for my 8 a.m. continues to get harder and harder every morning. The weight of late nights, early mornings and lots of responsibilities begin to take their toll. It is in those late nights and early mornings that I want to do things halfway or just give up. 

This is my advice, when things get hard and seem like too much to handle or you just get tired of doing them, that is when you need to push through. As high school students and college students, we are at that part in the semester where all we can see is summer. We are tired and don't want to type yet another essay or study for another test. But it will be worth it. High school student, you are looking to college. College student, you are looking to your future. Enjoy the times you are in now even though they may get tedious and tiring. Strive for excellence in all things and never do things halfway. We are almost to the end, and once we finish it will be so worth it!