Welcome to Samford


It is such a surreal feeling to sit here in the library as I write to you guys. I have dreamt of going to Samford University since I participated in the Animate Worship and Arts Camp the summer after my sophomore year. My love for this school and my experience completely changed my outlook on college during those four days at camp. Throughout my junior year, I read the Freshman Blog and became infatuated with the thought of attending Samford. I went to Junior Preview Day and took my family to see the place I wanted to call home, and they instantly fell in love with it as well. The application opened on August 1st, and I submitted my application on August 3rd. I eventually got my acceptance letter and freaked out! I ran around my house like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning. I had been accepted to my dream school!

 Eight months later, I was finally on campus to stay. I walked around on the brink of tears as I took in my surroundings. I moved in early due to Band Camp, so I unfortunately didn’t get to experience the Connections leaders and football players help move me in.  However, I saw it take place and it was incredible! Seeing current students welcome my fellow classmates to their new home and carry their belongings to their dorm was another reminder of what an amazing place Samford is.

After Move In Day, the fun begins… CONNECTIONS Weekend! Connections takes place for the first three days you are on campus as a freshman. Each day is full of various activities that are extremely fun. On the first night I was assigned to my group, we went with our Connections leader to a restaurant in Birmingham, and then we ended up at a carnival in Railroad Park. The next day we had “Pops with the President”, one of the best parts of Connections; we got to go to the president’s house and eat a delicious popsicle from Steel City Pops! I then capped off the night at the Neon Dance Party, which was a blast. The last day is packed full of activities: from campus worship, to finding where your classes are, the game of Life and the “Your School, Your City” concert, I had so many opportunities to meet my classmates and, as cheesy as it sounds, make “connections.”

After the excitement from Connections dwindled down, the anxiety set in when I thought about classes starting the next morning. As I took a seat in my first class, I had no clue what to expect. Was my teacher going to be bad? Was the class going to be hard? As soon as my professor walked in, I had an instant feeling of relief. She made it very clear that she was here to help me succeed in the class, and all I had to do was ask for help. The small classes and the amazing professors ensured I felt like a student instead of just another number.

If you have read this far, I am glad you did. I am so happy that you are interested in Samford enough to read the Freshman Blog. Throughout this whole year I hope you use the blog as a way to see what life at Samford is like. I know how stressful the application process can be and I promise you it is going to be okay. The other bloggers and I got through it and so can you. Stay true to yourself as you complete your applications and go on the college search. I hope that the first few weeks of school have gone well for you, and I hope that you choose Samford!

Bow wow Bulldogs and bow wow bloggers!