Getting Involved at Samford


Hey everyone! It’s crazy to think that I have already been on campus for over a month. It feels like just yesterday I was going through move-in day worrying about how all my stuff was going to fit in my dorm room. My first month went by so fast and I have so many good memories and friends from it.

My favorite activity during my first month at Samford was Connections Weekend. Connections Weekend starts the afternoon of move-in day until Sunday night. You do so many fun things with your classmates and it really helps you to feel more comfortable here at Samford. Two of my favorite events from Connections were the carnival at Railroad Park, which you go to the first night and the neon party, which happens the second night. I made so many friends that weekend and I am so happy Samford gave me the opportunity to meet them as well as settle into the Samford community before classes began.

Aside from being a Freshman blogger, I also play intramurals, a member of the Freshman Representative Council, in a sorority, a University Fellow, and a pharmacy technician at Publix. Samford gives students so many opportunities to get involved both on and off campus. We had an organization fair a week or two into school where all the school organizations and clubs had a table set up and you could talk to them individually and see where you really fit in and where you want to invest your time. There are also so many activities held for Samford students to bring us together as a student body. Recently we had a bowling night at Vestavia Bowl and later this month we are having a Halloween party at Skates 280.

Another great part of campus is the dorm life. I absolutely LOVE living in Vail. I was extremely worried about having to use a community bathroom before I got on campus, but it has turned out to be awesome. If you have a community bathroom you don’t have to clean it, the showers are always warm (at least from my experience so far), and you really get to know the girls on your hall because you are constantly seeing them in there. My hall has intramural teams and hall activities which allows us to get to know everyone on the hall including our Resident Assistant and our Spiritual Life Advisor. Vail is also great because it is exclusively only for freshman girls and really allows you to get to know some of your classmates. It’s also really nice to be able to walk down the hallway or a few stairs to see your friends.

I honestly expected that once I was on campus as an official student the attention and care I received as a prospective student would stop and I would be on my own. This is definitely not the case. My admissions counselor still makes sure I’m doing okay and even recommends me for positions around campus. My professors are absolutely amazing and want to make sure I succeed not only in the classroom, but outside it as well. The community, as a whole, is so genuine and I’m excited I get to be a part of it and I hope you do too!