Guest Staff Post: 5 Ways Samford is a Good Fit for Your Family


First and foremost, it is important to realize there is a fit for every student somewhere in terms of being at a college or university. Samford University was my fit. As an Admission Counselor, I want to help every student and family I interact with figure out where the best fit is for them. That is my top priority.


I am going help you decipher what areas of your life to draw upon to determine the best fit for you. I will tell you the 5 ways Samford was a good fit for my family:


1)    Faith

Every decision I make throughout my day and my life revolves around this one word. My faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it should lead me to excellence in every area of my life lined up perfectly with the mission of Samford. I knew it would be an environment in which I could continue to grow in a community of people who I could pour into. I knew they would do the same for me.

2)    A Nurturing Environment

I know these words might sound strange. I like to use my parents as an example. My parents have nurtured me ever since I was a child. They have loved me, cared for me, taught me and shown me the way. They have also corrected me, challenged me, comforted me in times of struggle and pushed me to be my absolute best in every area of my life. It was easy to see within the first month of my freshmen year how Samford’s nurturing environment was exactly what I was looking for.


3)    Academics

If you are anything like I was, you are not confident about “what you want to do with the rest of your life.” I knew Samford was the top ranked school in Alabama and academically prestigious but I did not know how I would fit into that mold. Academically, Samford pushed me to grow more than I ever thought I would while also making it personal every step of the way. I was able to combine being the most knowledgeable about my major while also having great relationships with my professors.


4)    Birmingham, AL

Early on, I knew I wanted to attend college in a city I loved. I never knew anyone who had lived in Birmingham, AL before but I immediately fell in love with this incredible city. The city in which you spend your college years is honestly more important than you might think. I grew up in a small town in Florida, so I wanted a place that had a big city feel with things to do but also a community environment that didn’t make me feel insignificant. Birmingham has given me opportunities for jobs, internships, church community, restaurants, parks and more than I can keep up with every day. Birmingham is truly the “Magic City” and I am thankful Samford gets to be a part of it.


5)    The Big 3

This might be repetitive but at the end of the day, these are some of the things Samford has given to me, which I will never be able to repay. Academically, spiritually and socially there are very few schools like Samford University. For example, some schools you might get an academic and social experience but not a spiritual one and vice versa. I did not have to compromise what I was looking for in the college experience. Samford had it all.


My biggest desire is that every student and family will be where they need to be. I can only hope it is at Samford but my recommendation for you would be to take out a pen and paper. Write down your top 5 things you are looking for in your college experience and draw lines to universities that have those things you are looking for. Whether it is the city the college is in, the major you want to pursue or even how aesthetically beautiful the campus is, write these things down. You will never truly know the right fit in your college and university experience unless you visit. When I visited Samford campus during my senior year, I knew within five minutes Samford was the perfect fit for my family and me.


P.S. Samford has a Chick-fil-A and that was just further confirmation.