3 Things to Explore in Any College City

When you visit any college, make it the best visit possible. Here are our top three things to explore in any college city:

1. Check out the food!
Any college will have a food court, but not many have food scenes that compare to Birmingham. Visit meetmagiccity.com to see our best recommendations.

2. Check out the landscape!
Cities vary in landscape - some are hilly and classic, some are flat and modern. Spend some time driving around town to get your bearings (and even find a beautiful overlook!). We like to call Birmingham a mixture between urban and elegant.

3. Check out the history!
Birmingham is rich with history and has the museums and history buildings to prove it. Spend some time understanding how the city came to be and what made it the city it is today.

You can also visit meetmagiccity.com to virtually explore all the different sides of Birmingham. Downtown Birmingham is a 10-minute drive from Samford. You will never run out of things to do, places to see or locations to explore. 

We can't wait for you to visit Samford and see this great city in person!