Guest Staff Post: Why Apply Early?

Senior Admission Counselor Rachel Stanback shares why it's important to apply early.

Why apply early?

Students who plan to enter Samford in fall 2018 can submit their application starting August 1. You might have heard from teachers or on college visits that it’s important to apply early. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You’ll have more time to submit all materials: Your application itself is just one piece of the process. You’ll also need to submit at least one letter of recommendation, an ACT or SAT score, and your high school transcript, and all of these things generally take time. Teachers, counselors and principals are busy, and you want your recommenders to have the best impression possible in mind as they write your letter, so give them plenty of time to write the best letter possible!

  • Avoid missing deadlines: College is an exercise in time management and attention to detail, and your application is how you first present yourself to a university. Submitting scholarship and admission materials after deadlines demonstrates a lack of preparation and could also mean missing out on opportunities for scholarships and financial aid.

  • Hear about your admission decision sooner: Samford’s first round of admission decisions will go out in early November. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to hear about an admission decision earlier in the year.

  • One less thing to worry about! Senior year is busy. Between classes, extracurriculars and college visits, knocking out your application earlier in the fall will give you more time to enjoy it and less stressful late nights trying to meet an application deadline.

Still have questions? Check out our website or contact your admission counselor with any questions about your application process.