The Joys of Jan Term


Friends back home get very jealous when I tell them how long I get off for Christmas break. Usually, a lot of questions follow and they are very interested to hear about Samford’s Jan Term. Jan Term is a mini semester where students have the option to take classes or not. I am a big fan of Jan Term because the past two have allowed me the time to complete the things that many students do not have the opportunity to do.

Last year, Jan Term allowed me to complete my Samford transfer application and still have time to prepare to move. This year, I took advantage of the six weeks away from beautiful Birmingham and decided to work in my hometown and make some money to put into savings. That was such a blessing! I also loved being able to work almost full time and not have to worry about much else. The last week before I went back to Birmingham I had the privilege of spending a week in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Next year, I plan to take classes in London during Jan Term through Samford’s study abroad program.

There are many opportunities to study abroad at Samford and Jan Term is usually the perfect time to go. Three weeks of classes in another country – who can beat that? Many of my friends traveled to Greece, Costa Rica, London, Italy and even went on mission trips to Haiti. Hearing about their experiences made me all the more excited for next year. The opportunities are endless for students who have six weeks on their hands with no academic obligations (if they so choose). Netflix, I hear, is one of the Jan Term activities some students revel in, but most are very active during the break.

The night I drove back to Samford after break, I didn’t feel rushed. I didn’t feel like I needed a longer break. I felt ready to be back. Six weeks is almost the perfect amount of time for a student to fully relax and reenergize from the last semester, and also long enough to start missing school and friends. Whatever your interests are, and whatever you choose to spend your six weeks doing, I promise you will enjoy the time off. I only hear extraordinary stories about the opportunities it gives them and the memories they made during their break. Whether you want to stay home and read a stack of books, finish all the Netflix shows, study abroad, take classes on campus, find a job or just travel before returning at the end of January, the time off satisfies all students in some way.