Homecoming Week


Homecoming week was a blast! It was definitely one of the best experiences I've had at Samford so far! The week began with the Bulldog Bash celebration on the quad complete with art, live music, food, and tons of games! I attended with my friends and we were thoroughly pleased with the donuts, free cotton candy, grilled cheese sandwiches, and delicious s'mores! We had a great time singing along with the student-composed band and we loved watching the athlete and dance team dance off! We observed in awe as each sorority, fraternity, and other student organizations painted a mural representing their bulldog spirit and we laughed as we each took our turn riding the mechanical bull!

After the Bash, we headed over to Vestavia with everyone else for free bowling. We played 3 games and made memories that will last a lifetime!

Additionally, we attended the homecoming ball on Thursday. Siegbert gym was completely transformed into an elegant dance hall! There were beautiful curtains and chandeliers, amazing desserts, and an awesome band! Everyone looked so nice in their suits and gowns and everyone was so happy to be with their friends and dates!

The homecoming queen and king were announced and it seemed simply perfect. The night was like a fairytale! I'm a little sad that homecoming week is over, but I had lots of fun and made tons of great memories!

I cannot wait to see what's in store next year! I hope you'll be here to enjoy it with me. 



Football Season


The atmosphere of a college campus during the start of a new football season is something that is anticipated all year. Students are more than stoked to gather together for a few hours to eat, play corn hole, find friends, and enjoy the community that Samford has, all before heading to Seiburt Stadium to support the Bulldogs. I was especially stoked for Samford’s kickoff game because it was my very first of many. I am Samantha McCrabb, a sophomore, and a transfer student.

I have come to find that the community at Samford is incomparable. When students gather together to support a sport so dearly treasured by our nation, it is the best kind of community. I was able to turn in any direction and find friends or even new friends to meet and have great conversations with while tailgating. Samford students sure love their time on the Quad and it is something you can not miss out on as a student.

One of my favorite things about my first game as a Samford Bulldog was that I was able to enjoy a mix of all students in one place. Every student makes their way around the entire quad and it seems to be difficult for a student stay in one spot for more than ten minutes. I love it because most students are extremely intentional about meeting new people and finding good conversation. It is an even greater experience to go cheer on the team, especially when the Bulldogs win 45-16. My first football game as a Samford Bulldog was an amazing experience and I can not wait to find what the rest of the season holds.