Samford Greek Life


    The frat life takes a very specific type of cookie-cutter personality, right? Wrong! Samford’s Greek life includes around half of the student body who are either in a fraternity or a sorority. Samford is different in many ways but Greek life here is something that stands out among other universities. I’m sure we have all heard the phrase “Greek unity” tossed around once or twice. Samford has a unique and unifying Greek atmosphere. Even past Greek unity, there is a deeper campus-wide unity as well. Recruitment week is a week that students get to experience a portion of that unity. I went through sorority recruitment this year as a sophomore. Most students decide to participate during their freshman year, but I waited. Because of this I am able to honestly claim that there is not a Greek organization on campus in which I would be ashamed to be a part of. 

    As you may have noted, I am classified as a sophomore this year. (Stay tuned, blog about being a transfer student is coming soon.) I remember during spring semester of my freshman year, I traveled to Florida to spend spring break at the beach packed in a house with sixteen girls, all from different sororities. That experience is still my favorite Samford memory I have made.
    Here at Samford, students do not let their sororities define them. As a student body we are unified by something much deeper and we have a commonality in our belief of Jesus. That is what defines the students here. I have found that joining a Greek organization is not something students do for friends or people to eat lunch with in-between classes. Students join a fraternity or a sorority to further their opportunities to grow spiritually, academically, and throughout the campus.

    Fraternities and sororities at Samford encourage students to become active in every way. Whether it is signing up to be on the school’s student government, becoming an orientation leader or tour guide, or even volunteering time to go serve within the community, joining Greek life gets students involved in every aspect.

    Personally, accountability is one word I use to describe my reasoning behind joining a sorority. Accountability for my classes and people who can help me when I have questions. Accountability to take care of myself and also branch out to become involved on campus outside of my sorority. And accountability to continually grow in my relationship with the Lord without a stopping point. I have found many of the things I had prayed for before attending college. There will be ups and downs to every decision, but becoming apart Samford’s Greek Life is not one I will regret.