Dear High School Self...


Dear High School Self,

As much as I don’t want to say it, mom and dad are right. You need to do your homework. You shouldn’t stay up all night (at least, not all the time). Your GPA actually matters and your lack of discipline will come back to hurt you if you don’t improve your time management. Do things to excellence, whether it be sports, academics, or any other endeavor. I promise, you will be glad you did. Never, ever give up.

Take time to get to know your brother. You’ll appreciate his influence one day. Spend time with your sister, she needs a best friend. She’s not as bad as you think, by the way. Sometimes it just takes a little intentionality and forgiveness to put the past in the past. You will never wish you had spent less time with them.

Lastly, remember what truly matters. News flash: Your possessions, athleticism, and popularity won’t matter when you die. The relationships you build with your family and friends will last forever. Surround yourselves with the people you want to be like and reach out a hand of compassion to anyone in need. Life isn’t about you. It’s about everyone else.