Guest Staff Post: 5 Ways Samford is a Good Fit for Your Family


First and foremost, it is important to realize there is a fit for every student somewhere in terms of being at a college or university. Samford University was my fit. As an Admission Counselor, I want to help every student and family I interact with figure out where the best fit is for them. That is my top priority.


I am going help you decipher what areas of your life to draw upon to determine the best fit for you. I will tell you the 5 ways Samford was a good fit for my family:


1)    Faith

Every decision I make throughout my day and my life revolves around this one word. My faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it should lead me to excellence in every area of my life lined up perfectly with the mission of Samford. I knew it would be an environment in which I could continue to grow in a community of people who I could pour into. I knew they would do the same for me.

2)    A Nurturing Environment

I know these words might sound strange. I like to use my parents as an example. My parents have nurtured me ever since I was a child. They have loved me, cared for me, taught me and shown me the way. They have also corrected me, challenged me, comforted me in times of struggle and pushed me to be my absolute best in every area of my life. It was easy to see within the first month of my freshmen year how Samford’s nurturing environment was exactly what I was looking for.


3)    Academics

If you are anything like I was, you are not confident about “what you want to do with the rest of your life.” I knew Samford was the top ranked school in Alabama and academically prestigious but I did not know how I would fit into that mold. Academically, Samford pushed me to grow more than I ever thought I would while also making it personal every step of the way. I was able to combine being the most knowledgeable about my major while also having great relationships with my professors.


4)    Birmingham, AL

Early on, I knew I wanted to attend college in a city I loved. I never knew anyone who had lived in Birmingham, AL before but I immediately fell in love with this incredible city. The city in which you spend your college years is honestly more important than you might think. I grew up in a small town in Florida, so I wanted a place that had a big city feel with things to do but also a community environment that didn’t make me feel insignificant. Birmingham has given me opportunities for jobs, internships, church community, restaurants, parks and more than I can keep up with every day. Birmingham is truly the “Magic City” and I am thankful Samford gets to be a part of it.


5)    The Big 3

This might be repetitive but at the end of the day, these are some of the things Samford has given to me, which I will never be able to repay. Academically, spiritually and socially there are very few schools like Samford University. For example, some schools you might get an academic and social experience but not a spiritual one and vice versa. I did not have to compromise what I was looking for in the college experience. Samford had it all.


My biggest desire is that every student and family will be where they need to be. I can only hope it is at Samford but my recommendation for you would be to take out a pen and paper. Write down your top 5 things you are looking for in your college experience and draw lines to universities that have those things you are looking for. Whether it is the city the college is in, the major you want to pursue or even how aesthetically beautiful the campus is, write these things down. You will never truly know the right fit in your college and university experience unless you visit. When I visited Samford campus during my senior year, I knew within five minutes Samford was the perfect fit for my family and me.


P.S. Samford has a Chick-fil-A and that was just further confirmation.




Guest Staff Post: 8 Scholarships You Can Still Apply for by December 1st

There are several scholarships that seniors applying to Samford need to apply for before December 1. All of these scholarships can be applied for though each student’s application status page.

  • Presidential Scholarship: Recognizes top students for outstanding academic achievement, and for demonstrated leadership roles in school, church or their community. Students who meet the criteria will be asked to attend an interview in the spring.

    • Average ACT: 30 | Average SAT: 1340 (redesigned SAT 1400)

    • Average GPA: 4.0

    • Average Scholarship: $18,500 per year, for four years

  • University Fellows Scholarships: Samford’s Honors College is a select group of students who have special concentration in Samford’s core curriculum. The first two years of the Fellows Program, students will have a deeper understanding for ancient works of literature, and how they can be applied to the modern world. During the students sophomore year, there is a study abroad opportunity to Italy. All majors are welcome to apply. Students who meet the criteria will be asked to attend an interview in the spring.

    • Minimum ACT: 28 | Minimum SAT: 1250 (Math and Critical Reading) and redesigned SAT 1310

    • Average ACT: 4.0

    • Average Scholarship: $18,500, for four years

  • Leadership Scholarship: Recognizes students who have focused their years in highschool toward leadership roles.

    • There is no minimum ACT to qualify for Leadership, but generally the middle 50% of applicants were anywhere from a 23-29 ACT.

    • Average GPA: 3.5-4.0

    • Average Scholarship: $2,000 per year, for four years

  • Minister Dependent Scholarship: Specifically for Students who are dependent on a minister serving in Southern Baptist or Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Church. Students will indicate this on their application to Samford.

    • Average Scholarship: $3,450, for four years

  • Global Missions Scholarship: Recognizes students who have a calling to global missions. There students can major in computer science, nursing, business or education.

    • Average Scholarship: $2,000, for four years
    • Cross-cultural mission travel stipend: $3,000, one time
  • Micah Fellows Scholarship: Offers students a chance to make an impact on their community and around the world. These students will have opportunities to work with local service organizations and serve abroad.

    • Service abroad scholarship: $3,000, one time

  • Preministerial Scholars Program: This program is for students with an intended major of Religion. In this program, students will be prepared for their future ministries through hands on experiences.

    • Minimum ACT: 26 | Minimum SAT: 1760 or 1190 redesigned SAT

    • Average Scholarship: $15,000, for four years

  • Harry B. Brock Jr. Scholarship: Recognizes incoming freshmen who have declared pre-business on their application.

    • Minimum ACT: 25 | combined SAT of 1250 or higher

    • Minimum GPA: 3.0 GPA

Reach out to your admission counselor, and ask questions about scholarships. We are happy to review your scholarship essays and give feed back in your résumé.


Getting Involved at Samford


Hey everyone! It’s crazy to think that I have already been on campus for over a month. It feels like just yesterday I was going through move-in day worrying about how all my stuff was going to fit in my dorm room. My first month went by so fast and I have so many good memories and friends from it.

My favorite activity during my first month at Samford was Connections Weekend. Connections Weekend starts the afternoon of move-in day until Sunday night. You do so many fun things with your classmates and it really helps you to feel more comfortable here at Samford. Two of my favorite events from Connections were the carnival at Railroad Park, which you go to the first night and the neon party, which happens the second night. I made so many friends that weekend and I am so happy Samford gave me the opportunity to meet them as well as settle into the Samford community before classes began.

Aside from being a Freshman blogger, I also play intramurals, a member of the Freshman Representative Council, in a sorority, a University Fellow, and a pharmacy technician at Publix. Samford gives students so many opportunities to get involved both on and off campus. We had an organization fair a week or two into school where all the school organizations and clubs had a table set up and you could talk to them individually and see where you really fit in and where you want to invest your time. There are also so many activities held for Samford students to bring us together as a student body. Recently we had a bowling night at Vestavia Bowl and later this month we are having a Halloween party at Skates 280.

Another great part of campus is the dorm life. I absolutely LOVE living in Vail. I was extremely worried about having to use a community bathroom before I got on campus, but it has turned out to be awesome. If you have a community bathroom you don’t have to clean it, the showers are always warm (at least from my experience so far), and you really get to know the girls on your hall because you are constantly seeing them in there. My hall has intramural teams and hall activities which allows us to get to know everyone on the hall including our Resident Assistant and our Spiritual Life Advisor. Vail is also great because it is exclusively only for freshman girls and really allows you to get to know some of your classmates. It’s also really nice to be able to walk down the hallway or a few stairs to see your friends.

I honestly expected that once I was on campus as an official student the attention and care I received as a prospective student would stop and I would be on my own. This is definitely not the case. My admissions counselor still makes sure I’m doing okay and even recommends me for positions around campus. My professors are absolutely amazing and want to make sure I succeed not only in the classroom, but outside it as well. The community, as a whole, is so genuine and I’m excited I get to be a part of it and I hope you do too!


Guest Staff Post: Why Apply Early?

Senior Admission Counselor Rachel Stanback shares why it's important to apply early.

Why apply early?

Students who plan to enter Samford in fall 2018 can submit their application starting August 1. You might have heard from teachers or on college visits that it’s important to apply early. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You’ll have more time to submit all materials: Your application itself is just one piece of the process. You’ll also need to submit at least one letter of recommendation, an ACT or SAT score, and your high school transcript, and all of these things generally take time. Teachers, counselors and principals are busy, and you want your recommenders to have the best impression possible in mind as they write your letter, so give them plenty of time to write the best letter possible!

  • Avoid missing deadlines: College is an exercise in time management and attention to detail, and your application is how you first present yourself to a university. Submitting scholarship and admission materials after deadlines demonstrates a lack of preparation and could also mean missing out on opportunities for scholarships and financial aid.

  • Hear about your admission decision sooner: Samford’s first round of admission decisions will go out in early November. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to hear about an admission decision earlier in the year.

  • One less thing to worry about! Senior year is busy. Between classes, extracurriculars and college visits, knocking out your application earlier in the fall will give you more time to enjoy it and less stressful late nights trying to meet an application deadline.

Still have questions? Check out our website or contact your admission counselor with any questions about your application process.

Fool-Proof Tips for College Searching

This summer, our incoming freshmen have been registering for classes and attending Orientation. Isn't it crazy to think that could be you this time next year? We have some fool-proof tips to help you figure out the best way to college search:

1. Plan a road trip with family this summer and fall to tour colleges. While you're planning, go ahead and put Birmingham on your list. We're ready for you!

2. Make a list of pros and cons when it comes to college. Public vs. private? Big vs. perfect-size? Close to home or far away?

3. Join upcoming seniors on Zeemee and connect. Create a Zeemee account and feel free to select Samford to connect with. It's no commitment - just a helpful tool!

4. Did you know you can apply to multiple schools by filling out ONE application? Apply using the Common Application and don't forget to add Samford to your list of schools! For more info, visit

Our application opens on August 1st. Do not miss out on applying early and taking the first step towards your future! 

3 Things to Explore in Any College City

When you visit any college, make it the best visit possible. Here are our top three things to explore in any college city:

1. Check out the food!
Any college will have a food court, but not many have food scenes that compare to Birmingham. Visit to see our best recommendations.

2. Check out the landscape!
Cities vary in landscape - some are hilly and classic, some are flat and modern. Spend some time driving around town to get your bearings (and even find a beautiful overlook!). We like to call Birmingham a mixture between urban and elegant.

3. Check out the history!
Birmingham is rich with history and has the museums and history buildings to prove it. Spend some time understanding how the city came to be and what made it the city it is today.

You can also visit to virtually explore all the different sides of Birmingham. Downtown Birmingham is a 10-minute drive from Samford. You will never run out of things to do, places to see or locations to explore. 

We can't wait for you to visit Samford and see this great city in person!